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Ocean Resource Renewables

Ocean Resource Renewables (ORR) is the offshore renewable energy brand of Ocean Energy and Resource Ltd. ORR was setup as a separate portfolio of Ocean Energy and Resource Ltd's products specifically to offer our expertise and products to the offshore renewable energy industry.

Ocean Resource understands the issues in building offshore wind farms and knows that the designs offered on these pages, when utilised will completely re-write the accepted economics of developing, commissioning and operating a wind farm.

In short, they make commissioning offshore wind farms quicker, easier and cheaper!

The ORR products explained on this website have the potential to significantly reduce costs for the power companies that deploy them. In the first instance they drastically reduce the installation and early costs of building wind farms.

For example, the recent work completed under DECC's funding has demonstrated Sea Breeze offers a reduction in the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) of at least 11% 

Why Ocean Resource?

  • Partnership approach in all we do
  • Whole life cycle cost reduction
  • In-depth expertise in each of our sectors
  • Commitment to safety and sustainability
  • Client-focused service culture
  • Innovation, flexibility and creativity

Sea Breeze offshore wind turbine foundationSea Breeze Design for up to 10MW WTGs