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Ocean Resource Renewables Clients

 Trident Energy

Trident Energy

Trident Energy are one of the leading wave power developers. Ocean Resource Renewables worked with them to develop concept wave power host buoy systems that can be installed both easily and cheaply.

Trident Energy

Scotrenewables Tidal Power Ltd

Scotrenewables Tidal Technology focuses on low cost installation, maintenance and decommissioning to drive down the cost of tidal energy generation.  They approached Ocean Resource Renewables to develop a concept foundation for their SR2000 2MW tidal power system.  This was based on the expertise developed over 30 years by Ocean Resource Renewables in self installing gravity base foundations.


Snapper Wave Power Engine

Snapper is a novel rare-earth magnet based wave power conversion system.  It was funded by the EU FP7 programme.

Ocean Resource Renewables were engaged as part of the Snapper project consortium to provide expertise and design services for the buoy element of the project work programme. 

A scale model demonstration was installed in the Blyth wave tanks.

Snapper buoy

Buoy in operation in the ORE Catapult Wave Tank in Blythe


Lidar Buoy Hull and mastSeaRoc approached Ocean Resource Renewables to help them design and install a Lidar wind monitoring Buoy based on their long history of designing tension leg buoys.

Ocean Resource Renewables developed a buoy to meet the requirements for the Lidar buoy from their patented buoy designs. 

Working with SeaRoc's fabricators, they ensured the buoy was built and installed according to the design specifications and methodology developed by Ocean Resource Renewables.


Nordic Windpower

Nordic Windpower

Nordic Windpower has developed a unique 2-bladed 1MW WTG which has been successfully marketed in North America.

Nordic Windpwoer UK engineering design team asked Ocean Resource Renewables to support their development programme with materials and structural integrity engineering services.


NGenTec have developed a highly innovative rare earth magnet generator for WTGs.  They engaged Ocean Resource Renewables to provide materials and fatigue engineering support for their rotor and stator components.

Alstom Oceade Tidal Power (now GE)


Alstom's Oceade Tidal Power development team in Bristol required a consultant to support their fatigue engineering and so they turned to Ocean Resource Renewables's team which has over 30 years of fatigue design, analysis and testing expertise.

Working with the Ocean Resource Renewables consutlants, they updated their apporach to fatigue analysis and optimised the use of their specialist tools for durability analysis.  This included devising an updated fatigue analysis strategy and training the team to use the software tools to obtain the realistic results and to support design decisions.