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Ocean Energy and Resource Ltd.

Ocean Resource

Ocean Resource provides innovative production solutions for oilfield development, marginal fields and offshore operation. Ocean Resource operates two main sectors.

Production Solutions

Ocean Resource’s proprietary technologies offer a range of solutions for satellite and marginal offshore oil field development, early production and/or end-of-field-life scenarios. Buoyancy and self installing methods and technologies are the basis for all their products as well as Ocean Resource Renewables's products and patents.

These technologies include Autonomous Buoy Technology which has been used globally for oil and gas exploration and is the basis of the Ocean Breeze and Ocean Met products.

Sea Nova Minimum Facilities Platform (MFP) System provides a winning combination of economic construction costs, self-installation and large topside load capacity (compared to other MFP designs). Sea Nova enables operators to develop smaller, economically challenging oil and gas fields and is also the basis of the Sea Node platform.

Engineering Service

Ocean Resource provides offshore structural design, pipe-work, control and power systems, subsea engineering and project management for the entire lifecycle of offshore developments. From concept and design to installation, operation and decommissioning, Ocean Energy and Resource Ltd’s experienced personnel have the broad technical capability that enables them to add value across each phase of a project.