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SeaNode self installing offshore platform video clip

Sea Node

The Sea Node Minimum Facilities Platform (MFP) System provides a low cost durable offshore platform for switch rooms, substations and accommodation and is up to 25% cheaper than any comparable alternative offshore platform design.

Sea Node is a sister development of Ocean Resource Renewables’ parent, Ocean Resource’s SeaNova shallow offshore platform.

The Sea Node Platform System is a proven design. Four platforms have been built and deployed, two for offshore gas production in the UK and Holland and two for defence purposes. The design has been reviewed by major oil companies including BP and Exxon-Mobil and is considered to be a major advance in MFP design. It can be used for oil and / or gas production, manned or unmanned, for accommodation or associated facilities.

Sea Node offers wind farm developers a winning combination of proven economic construction costs, self-installation, large topside load capacity and existing certification. The design fully conforms with all relevant codes and standards normally applicable to North Sea structures.

Sea Node enables operators a design that is already proven and certified for water depths up to 110 metres


As a general guide, Sea Node is between 40-50% of the capital cost of a conventional platform. The estimated structural maintenance and inspection costs associated with wind energy use are approximately 10% of those for a conventional platform.

Sea Node is an approved design and has been built and deployed in both the U.K. and Dutch sectors for gas production and elsewhere for defence purposes.
The design and construction have been verified by the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register and meet both UK and Dutch MRCS Regulations. The safety case has been prepared and approved to meet U.K. legislative requirements.

SeaNode - self installing offshore platform