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Mass Production

The modular concepts employed by Ocean Resource Renewables in all its designs lend themselves to mass production through assembly line manufacturing processes on simple slipways, dock sides or dry docks.

The aim is always for the lowest possible costs for manufacture, installation, maintenance, operation and ultimately removal or re-deployment.


Mass production method for offshore foundations These processes will prove particularly relevant to offshore wind farms, where the need to deploy and commission quickly will become ever more important.

The Ocean Fast Wind project envisages multiple wind turbine towers delivered from one manufacturing and assembly area every week.

All Wind Turbines are fully assembled and tested on an production line in dock. When ready they are towed out complete, floating on their Buoyant Gravity Base foundations, for simple and rapid deployment.

The reductions in manufacturing and deployment costs of Fast Wind are dramatic.

This increase in efficiency will mean that large wind farm arrays can be set up and commissioned in a matter of months at vastly reduced cost.