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Modular Design

The Key to success

Ocean Resource understands that for offshore wind energy to be sustainable and profitable without subsidy, there needs to be a radical rethink over efficiency in construction, servicing, maintenance and ultimately disposal.


Mass production area in dock for offshore foundations All the products found on these pages were designed from the outset to minimise the lifetime costs of wind farms through the use of simple modular designs easily produced and replicated to a high standard without the need for specialised and expensive fabrication and installation techniques.

Ocean Resource started at the end point for each product, considering what the economic impact on lifetime profitability would be, if decommissioning or replacement correcting any legacy impact was prohibitively expensive.

Working back from this, it made sense that products that could easily be recovered without damage to the sea bed could also be recovered and returned easily to the shore for servicing and maintenance at a fraction of the cost of maintaining any products fixed offshore.

All Ocean Resource Renewables designs are built along the same modular principals, thus allowing all components to be mass produced economically on assembly line principals through chosen suppliers anywhere in the country and brought together for final commissioning on simple waterside slipways and docks.

Modular design also has the advantage that not all components will reach the end of their serviceable lifes simultaneously. Ocean Resource Renewables gives wind farm owners the ability to retain and re-use those components with longer service lives, drastically reducing longer term refurbishment costs and also increasing the lifetime viability of every wind farm that utilises Ocean Resource designs.